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Franking Machine page. You can tae the free 30 day trial of their franking machine. Just read the reviews on the franking machine and see how good it it. Then one simple form and it's all yours.

Franking Machine - For a limited time a free 30 day trial of the Personal Post Franking Machine from Pitney Bowes

Currently over 27000 small businesses in the UK benefit from the convenience, cost, and time saved by PersonalPostPersonal Post is the latest Digital Franking Machine from Pitney Bowes.

  • Personal Post is a Franking machine aimed at the SME market. Easy to use and saves you up to 20% on the cost of your postage. For the full list of features click here

“…In just one day the machine has reversed a lifetime of inefficient postal practice. The mail gets sorted fast, correct postage, instantly calculated and with the customer next day…”

J Terence D Webber
Managing Director – H Webber & Sons Ltd

Take advantage of the special offer one months free trial of the franking machine with £20 free postage. click here

For more details please click here

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